Carolina Ciampa local manager and promoter of events.|

About me

Carolina Ciampa, local manager and event promoter

This is what's written  on my business card. 

This is what I've been doing in past years and always with great enthusiasm and passion.

I'm a freelance with a solid know-how in the organization and in the promotion of events, fairs, shows, cultural events, awards, reviews, meetings, conventions
If you want your project to fly high, with an attentive eye on the budget and on the thousands necessities and needs that every initiative requests, I CAN HELP YOU!

I'm a daughter of the sea, like my ancester was, Francesco Saverio Ciampa, shipowner and tireless entrepreneur.

From the water I draw energy and creativity to realize unique and unrepeatable events

My secret? It's all in 3Ds: determination, dynamism, dedication

Three constants which transform every idea in a winning reality and every goal in sure success


Idee Sposi 1999
Idee Sposi 1999

Dopo la prima edizione della fiera di  "Idee Sposi"  tutti gli espositori soddisfatti di questa esperienza decisero di presentare ...

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